TE – Not the same buck

Always nice to find out there is another giant running around



~ by tyeasley on March 18, 2008.

5 Responses to “TE – Not the same buck”

  1. I went out Sunday afternoon on a shed hunt and thought I had found the right side to a big main frame 9pt that we had velvet footage of during the summer. Until I looked at the footage I was sure it was the same buck. The only problem is the buck from the summer had a forked G2 on his left side and the shed I found has a forked G2 on it’s right side. Looks like there might be two giants out there. If we did not have video of that buck from the summer I would have gone on thinking it was the same deer…….Unbelievable! The shed scored 79 4/8

  2. Man, ever since we videoed that deer this summer i have wanted to get my hands on his antlers! That sure as heck looks like the same deer…i actually thought that both sides had split G2s, i could be mistaken though…

    Maybe next year!

  3. The buck we have on video is a main frame 5 pt on his right side with a kicker coming off his two. He has a G4 on his right side where his left side is a main frame 4pt with the forked G2. Makes you wonder if they were twins at birth. Hopefully the buck we have on video made it as well.

  4. We will have to wait and see. Hopefully we can get both of them on film this summer.

  5. I watched the video of the Split 9 last night. It wasn’t him because his split is on the the other side. Good to know there is two of them out there haha.

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