TE – 15 miles = 5 sheds

The sheds have been a little hard to come by so far.

alexas-1st-2008-shed.jpg     2-2-08-2.jpg     2-2-08-1.jpg  

2-13-08.jpg     2-13-08-1.jpg     hunter-with-2008-sheds.jpg


~ by tyeasley on February 14, 2008.

One Response to “TE – 15 miles = 5 sheds”

  1. I have been out 4 times this shed season so far and have really been putting on the miles. My daughter went with me on my first hunt of the year and she found the one she is holding. She just about sit down on it while taking a break. It was all I could do not to tell her. Sure wish I would have had the camera that day. A good friend of mine, Andy tagged along with me on our second trip. We put on 7miles that day and only had one shed to show for it. Found a lot of big rubs though. We will be hitting that spot again soon. The next trip was with the whole family and we did not find squat. Tonight I went out with my lab, Whisper and we found two sheds in about 4 miles. They might be a matched set. I found them about 400 yards apart. One of the ones I found tonight still had blood on the base. They really seem to be falling now.

    Good luck if you make it out,

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