MH – Shed Hunting Ups and Downs

Another day in the woods bringing home more bone…

1.jpg   pic-0034.jpg

2.jpg   big-10.jpg

3.jpg    broken-g3.jpg


~ by michaelhunsucker on February 11, 2008.

One Response to “MH – Shed Hunting Ups and Downs”

  1. Well i guess you could say we had another good day in the woods today – It had its highs and lows however.

    I found one side that appeared to be last years shed. Its off of a 150s main frame 10 that i videoed in January last year. It had been chewed up a little, but not too bad…I also found the right side to a young ‘broken G3’ buck that i saw several times this season.

    Unfortunately Rex found a big 10 point dead that we had gotten some pictures of earlier this summer. He was a great deer that i believe was 4.5 years old. Someone had gut shot him and must have never found him. Its a shame to find them this way…

    Thats all for today…


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