MH – Bone Collectin!

As the sheds are dropping, we are scouring the woods for bone!

pic-0027_1.jpg   pic-0028_1.jpg   pic-0030_1.jpg

cimg3838.jpg   split-brow-10.jpg


~ by michaelhunsucker on February 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “MH – Bone Collectin!”

  1. I had a pretty good day shed hunting today since i was by myself and i only looked for a couple hours. Found a set to a buck that i call the split brow 10. Hes a great looking up and comer. Looks like hes in the 130s now at 3.5. He should be a great deer next year at 4.5.

    I also found a couple other smaller sheds….Man it feels good to get out there and collect that bone! Im going to be doing a lot of that the next few weeks!

  2. Good finds man. I can not wait to get out and pound some ground.


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