MH – Two Bucks in 4 days!

What a awesome couple of days! We scored on two bucks that both went down within sight!

n159500015_30724961_5625.jpg n159500015_30724963_8605.jpg rex.jpg


~ by michaelhunsucker on December 6, 2007.

5 Responses to “MH – Two Bucks in 4 days!”

  1. Wow, December has certainly started off good for Shawn and I! I have been fortunate to run the camera on two awesome hunts in the past 4 days.

    It has been a goal of ours this year to get Rex (Shawn’s dad and our sponsor hahaha) a buck and we finally did it!

    Rex’s Hunt:

    Sunday night Rex and I went to a ground blind set where I have been getting some pictures of some shooters. He came out right at sunset, fed around a little bit at 55 yards, then turned and closed the distance. There was another descent buck to our right and he was making rex’s buck mad. The big 8 turned, laid his ears back, and started grunting at the inferior buck. I ranged him for rex and told him 37 yards. Rex put it right behind the shoulder perfect and the deer only ran about 20 yards and piled up.

    Shawn’s Hunt

    Shawn and I went out tonight to his family’s farm. A buddy of ours called Shawn yesterday
    and told him that he had seen two big bucks fighting in the back field the night before so
    we decided to take the decoy out and set up.

    Everything worked EXACTLY perfect! It was starting to get dark so i told Shawn to go ahead
    and rattle to see if we could make something happen. Wouldnt you know it, out steps a nice 8
    point. He is over the hill a little so he cant see the decoy and he starts to head away from
    us. Shawn grabbed the grunt call and rattle bag and starts making some comotion. The buck
    stoped a few times and looked our way, but could still not see the decoy. Finally, as he
    continued to head away from us, he got to the top of the hill and saw the decoy. He turned
    and trotted our way, then slowed to a steady walk as he layed his ears back and started
    licking his nose. He came in all the way puffed up and started walking sideways. Shawn tried
    to stop him at 30 yards but he continued to go at the decoy. Shawn double lunged him and he
    ran in a big circle and came back toward the tree and crashed not 20 yards away.

    It was one heck of a hunt. I panned back to get the live draw, panned back in on the deer
    and still got shawns bow in the frame. Everything turned out just perfect. We even had the
    POV camera set up facing the decoy so you could see everything!

    Pictures soon…

  2. Congrats on another great season guys, and its not over yet!!

  3. Wow… wish I could have been there for that one! That is going to be some awesome footage. Congrats on another buck down. Who says Missouri doesn’t have good bucks?

  4. That’s awesome Mike. You guys are having an unbelievable season. Way to go and congrats.

  5. I appreciate reading your hunting stories! Congrats!! I’m in the Air Force stationed in Germany and I didn’t get back to MO to hunt this year. I’m going through withdraws!! It helps to watch videos and hear hunting stories like this! Thanks and keep up the great hunting!

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