Welcome to the New HB Field Journal!

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~ by heartlandbowhunter on November 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “Welcome to the New HB Field Journal!”

  1. Hey all, thanks for checking out the new HB website! The Filed Journal is finally live and I wanted to make a few comments about what to expect onfrom our new tool! The Field Journal will contain posts from HB Pro Staff Members that are typically focused on keeping everyone updated on what we are seeing, doing, and getting ready to do in relation to hunting, events, and just having fun in the outdoors. There will be a Season Update thread that will contain pics and stories from afield as each Fall and Spring season progresses.
    The Field Journal is set so that you can comment on any of the posts that are entered from our Pro Staff and Participating Authors. This is your chance to be an active voice within the HB online community and I look forward to hearing feedback from you via the Filed Journal!
    Hope the season finds you well and as always…..Aim Small, Miss Small

  2. Looks like I get to be the first post. I went out tonight and saw a few does and a small buck. No shooters yet, but tomorrow morning is shaping up quite nice! Anything else going on in the state of Missouri?

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