Watercooler Stories

You tell them to your friends and family, time to share them with the team and all of our visitors! How is your season going?


~ by heartlandbowhunter on November 17, 2007.

One Response to “Watercooler Stories”

  1. I think my season should be called the “Season on the Brink”. I know we all have had those years where you get JUST THAT CLOSE, but just can’t seal the deal. Early season elk hunting was hit and miss. I had a great oppertunity to hunt Roosevelt elk in the northwest part of Oregon. Early morning in the heavy fog we got a good bull going. My caller was great and coaxed the bull to within 7 yards. I had been drawn back on the bull for what felt like forever before he presented me with a shot. I squeezed the trigger and my Bowtech did the rest.

    I’m in the great state of Missouri hunting whitetails with little luck so far. The crew and I are heading out in the morning to sit on the stand and ponder life, love and the pursuit of whitetail deer…. Well at least the deer. part.

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