TE – 2007 Season Update

Field Producer/Pro-Staffer Ty Easley



~ by tyeasley on November 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “TE – 2007 Season Update”

  1. The 2007 MO archery season started out with early expectations after watching a good group of bachelor bucks for most of the summer. Unfortunately for us the bucks did not stay in their bachelor groups for very long and we were not able to capitalize. A day late seemed to be the modo for the first two weeks of season.

    October did not fair to much better for us. We were able to put a few does on the ground, but were not having luck seeing any bone. As October drew closer to November things started looking up. As always in MO the first two weeks of November seem to be the best time to be in the woods if the weather is right……this year was no exception.

    Larry got on the board first with a nice 9pt on November 4th. I followed up a few days later on my B-Day, (November 7th) with my first main frame 12pt. Fellow pro-staff member Mike was running the camera the day I shot my buck. We had the privilege of watching him for 30 minutes before he finally offered me a shot. Boy did he put on a show. He was a doe doggin, snort wheezin, king of the woods movie star type buck. Little did he know about the supporting cast in a white oak just 12 yards away. What a hunt! Both hunts were captured on video and will be available for viewing next fall.

    We are still hard at it here in MO and hope to fill some more tags soon. The big boys seemed to be locked down right now, but hopefully we can catch some in between sweethearts. Doe bedding areas seem to be the best bet. With this front moving in next week it will be time to switch to food sources, as will the deer.

    Good luck hunting,

  2. You forgot to mention that right after you stuck that awesome deer another BIGGER buck came running in to investiagte the noise.

    Too bad both of us had our tags filled and we had to sit and watch a 160″+ buck walk right by…

    Still an awesome hunt!

  3. Hopefully we will catch up with him sometime in the next couple weeks.

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