MH – 2007 Season Update

Field Producer/Pro-Staffer Michael Hunsucker’s Season Update

Shawn and I have had one heck of a season so far this year….

Mike’s 1st Buck     Mike’s 2nd Buck


~ by michaelhunsucker on November 17, 2007.

One Response to “MH – 2007 Season Update”

  1. Shawn and I have had one heck of a season so far this year. We have been extremely fortunated to spend more time in the woods this year than ever before and it has cetainly paid off.

    I got lucky and scored early on the second day of Missouri season. It was a warm afternoon and we hadnt seen a lot of deer movement when right before dark a big wide 10 pointer that we had been watching all summer showed up. He showed up directly down wind of us and never had a clue we were there! He worked his way into my lane at 32 yards and i put it right behind his shoulder. He was slightly quartered away so the arrow lodged in his off shoulder and broke off as he took off through the woods. It was a double lung shot and we heard him crash only 70 yards away. This was the second year in a row that I have scored on a buck on the first Sunday of the season!

    Then, on November 12th my luck continued when Shawn and I got settled into our tree on the unseasonibly warm, 65 degree morning. We were hunting one of our new places that we got to hunt this year. We had looked at it on the aerial map and had done a little scouting and knew it was worth taking a look at. We hung stands this summer and put out a trail cam, but didnt get any pictures of good bucks. We knew though, that durring the rut, mature bucks would be in the area for sure. We have hunted this spot a few times this year with no luck. Shawn and his dad, Rex, hunted it a few times last week and saw a nice buck and when i went out with rex we also saw a shooter. We got in the stand plenty early since it was cloudy and darn near worked up a sweat getting everything set up. About 7am I saw a deer cruising the hillside. I pulled up my bionculars and told Shawn that i thought it was a buck…looked like a small buck. He then walked out of the thicked and Shawn informed me that it was not a small buck and that it was that big ten that him and his dad had a close encounter with. WOW, i did not expect to see a mature buck on this feet in this heat. I gave a few soft grunts to try and catch his attention and get him to head toward the stand. I grunted several times but didnt think he heard me till he turned and came right at us. He was EXTREMELY cautious taking over 15 minutes to close the distance of 60 yards. He was walking right down the trail that we came into the stand on. This stand is in a fairly small tree and its uphill from the deer so it is one that you can easily get picked out of. Finally he worked his way broadside into my lane at 30 yards and i drew and tried to stop him. I then heard Shawn say “I’m not on him” as the buck kept moving out of my lane. I was crushed becasue i didnt think that i was going to get another shot, but to my suprise he turned and came closer as i held my draw. He was now wide open in a lane at 20 and i knew shawn was on him. I stopped him, put it right behind his shoulder and released. I shot a little quicker than i would like to because i was nervous that he would start walking again out of my lane. I saw the shot fly and smack him right behind the shoulder and drill into the opposide shoulder. It was a little lower that i would like the shot to typically be if i was in the lungs, but my broadhead ripped right through the heart as the buck BOLTED away with crazy legs and blood spraying everywhere. We got down and followed a 4 foot wide paint trail about 70 yards to my buck.

    I dont know how i pull these off, but i just hope my luck never runs out!

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