JS – 2007 Season Update

HB President and HBTV Host, Jeff Simpson’s Season Update

He’s in there, just not when I am! lol


~ by heartlandbowhunter on November 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “JS – 2007 Season Update”

  1. This season has been one for the books….a book that would read ‘Oh so close, but no cigar!’

    The season started off in New Mexico with Elite Outfitters. The weather was warm but the bulls were longing for love! Co-Producer of HBTV Jason Brown and I made the drive and got on some big bulls while there, but the dang wind got us every time there was a shooter. If the wind was good, of course the bull working turned out to be less that what you go to New Mexico to harvest. Regardless, it was a great trip and we laid down some really great footage in High Definition and with the new POV.H!

    After Elk season, I jumped int o whitetail season. I decided to really focus on my home state of Missouri this season since I saw so many big deer on my places last season that I know made it to this year. Great plan huh? Not so far…..

    I have been hunting hard and simply not seen shooter bucks….they are there, but man are they being stubborn this season. As it stands, I have had one opportunity at a 140-145″ 8 point that got diminshed somewhere between releasing my arrow and the time the arrow decided to hit a twig. My broadhead got a dirt nap, but the buck didnt….swing and a miss. Outside of that, lots of does, lots of young bucks and simply no luck.

    Now for the rest of the team….they are fairing much better than me, so look for their updates……you’ll actually get to see some pics and great stories! We have some awesome video for next season’s show!

    Aim Small and Miss Twigs!


  2. Close this AM! Jake Siegal from BowTech is in town and we had a nice 9 point come in behind a doe this AM. It was pure vodoo! The buck completely winded us but the doe had already passed us and he wasnt about to leave her. Funny how stupid and smart they are all at the same time. He circled us, never coming in the open, but corraled her and got her out of there without getting a carbon stick flung at him. It was one of those REALLY long encounters. He and that doe were under and around us for 30-40 minutes. Intense!

    We finally have an East wind in the AM, so we are hunting a set that I have been wanting to get in. We’ll see what happens!



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